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Since 2010, state policies and regulations have driven up costs for all Californians.


California residential electric bill increase 

(source: US Energy Information Administration,

$241 MORE

Increase in the average family's yearly electric bill 

$3.56 / GALLON

Average annual gasoline prices (up from $3.14)

Communities are struggling with growing cost burdens. For low and middle-income families, energy costs are now consuming a larger part of household income. These families now spend more than one-fifth of their household incomes on energy alone. 


Californians already pay some of the highest fuel, energy and natural gas prices in the country. Today, the Legislature and unelected state employees are creating fuel and energy policies without considering their impact on California families. Their actions have resulted in fuel, electricity and natural gas rates that are much higher in California than the national averages and costs are continuing to rise.

We need statewide energy policies that consider both costs and reliability to limit the impact on consumers. 

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