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Gavin’s gas tax penalizes all Californians

Gavin’s new gas tax penalizes gas and diesel fuel supply. Gavin’s gas tax could cut California’s gas supply and increase our costs when demand is the highest. 

Economists Fear Gavin’s Gas Tax Means Higher Prices At The Pump

California already has the highest gas taxes in the nation. And now state representatives are being pushed to vote for a new hidden gas tax (SBX1-2) that experts say will lead to even higher prices at the pump.

Gavin’s Gas Tax Hurts Working Families

Fuel policies that limit supply and increase prices will hurt working families. Instead of new hidden taxes and higher gas prices, let’s fight for common-sense policies that will make gas more affordable.

Gavin’s Gas Tax Will Make it Harder For People Who Drive Gas-Powered Cars

The New Hidden Gas Tax will penalize people who drive gas-powered cars and make driving to and from work more expensive at a time when inflation is already impacting every household in California.

"Poorly crafted and incomplete, the imposition of [the Windfall Profits Tax] will only make matters worse for the California consumer.” 


Professor Michael Mische,

USC Marshall School of Business

Report: California’s Profit Gouging Tax (Page 8), 2023


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